Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Irish Character

Irish people really aren’t at all like us French in their behaviour. Here in Ireland, the people are open-minded and very welcoming. I think that they are easy going and very patient.  I feel they are tolerant of others. I think it is their good side. Their bad side for me, is I think that they have some problems with alcohol. A lot of young men drink too much. But, for the moment, I haven't had any problem with anyIrish people and I hope not to! But even when they drink a lot, they are generally agreeable and laidback in my opinion.


Irish are nicer and more open-minded. When we see people walk in the streets, they’re happy and they smile, unlike the French who usually look bored, in the metro, for example, they always look like they don’t want to go to work and don’t like their lives.   For example, when you’re lost or you want to go to famous places and you don’t know where they are you can ask Irish people and they will help you, they take time to explain which way is better than the other and they advise you about what are the most interesting places to visit.   For example, I had to go to the hairdresser two days ago. I had a woman who cut my hair and she talked to me, asked where I come from, she talked about her life, she was 23 years old and she looked like Katy Perry. She was really down to earth.  

I've been here for  three weeks now, and I love Dublin and I’ve been studying in ICD for 4 months. Irish People are very nice, they help out a lot, for example when you are lost. It’s strange, because in Paris it is very different. I have never met nice people like them.  When I arrived in the apartment, I was happy because it is very well located. The school is a little too far from my apartment, but it’s cool, because I walk a lot, and I can eat when I want. The last week had been the hardest week of my semester, because I was sick and I missed my family. I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and now I’m fine. I’m ready for this new week.


I think that Dublin is very nice, with its bridges and lovely small neighbourhoods. I have seen the museum of Dublin and the Millennium Spire. The weather is bad and it changes every 5 minutes, the pubs and the night clubs are the best. It’s not expensive and it’s good, daily life is expensive and the food is not very nice.  


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